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Pastor's Message



But what if?


This seems paradoxical or to some people, an oxymoronic question, “is there any good in the coronavirus pandemic?” Before you rebuke me or think I’ve backslidden or even been possessed by the devil because of the question I posed, I challenge you to stretch your spiritual and intellectual capacity and ask yourself that question. What would your response be? If I asked you to turn to your neighbor and congratulate them for the COVID-19 pandemic, would you?


Definitely, this question is not insensitive to the numerous disruptions caused by the pandemic globally. But what if?


At a time when churches are experiencing plummeting records of giving and tithing, why even think about any goodness in the COVID-19? It is reported that divorce lawyers are as busy as healthcare service providers, why then exult COVID-19? Food banks have been overstretched, and more people in close to 100 years have filed for unemployment in the US? In Africa, more folks are dying of starvation than the killer COVID-19. And many more.


As a pastor and a theologian, my goal is to expand the breadth of your thinking. For so long, Christians have been accused of their myopic-cocooned-exclusive-ignorant nature. We only know what we know and know what we only want to know. I desire that we shall metamorphose into disciples that can carry out constructive theological discussions to the glory of God.


There is a reason why GOD CREATED darkness. Have you ever wondered why GOD PLANTED the tree of life and also the tree of death in the Garden of Eden? To some people, Nebuchadnezzar was an evil man, but God called him HIS SERVANT (Jer. 27:6). In the book of Job, we read that Satan had a one-on-one conversation with God in Heaven (Job 1:6-12). Wait, I thought Heaven was a holy place, what was an evil creature doing there? I can go on and on and show the divine romance between evil and good.


Nevertheless, I charge you by the grace of God not to waste the lessons you are learning during this COVID-19. As bad as it is, there’s some good too. This can only be appreciated retrospectively. Paul says all things work for the good… That means both bad and good. Some of us have grown through afflictions; some of us have discovered who we are and what we are made of during hard times. There’s a reason why David thanks God for the afflictions he went through. Amen! In every pain, there is gain; in every mess, there’s a message, in every test, there is a testimony. Church, when life gives you lemons, you know what to do and make some juicy lemonade. Remember that during this disruptive and self-seeking COVID-19 pandemic, God is still good. Remember, for the God of the mountain, is still the God of the valley too.


To some extent, you have been hit, but I don’t know how hard. Just remember, the harder the surface, the higher the bounce. We will bounce back spiritually, financially, socially, mentally. Our sails are returning soon. It’s just a matter of time, and the enemies we see coming over shall be seen no more. Church hang in there. We’re at the cusp of redemption because our Redeemer still lives. It’s just another season with an imminent expiration date. Like others, this too shall pass away. To some people, this COVID-19 is just a setup for a gigantic comeback. But what if?

Your Servant in Christ,

Pastor Boniface

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