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How you can GIVE and help OUR Church

There are many ways to give at Refoveo Church International.

With your TIME and TALENTS. The are many ministries, outreach and events that need your help. Do you like working with or teaching children? Become a teacher or assistant with HopeTown Kids, our children's ministry. Enjoy greeting people? The Welcoming ministry may be the place for you. The Outreach Ministry is a great place if you like helping others. There are many other ministries to be involved in. And of course with your TITHES.

Genesis 28:22

And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God's house: and of all that thou shall give me I will surely give the tenth unto thee.  

Ways You Can GIVE:

400, Bible, Children, Christmas, Church, Community, Congregation, Cross, Declaration, Deliverance,

Easter, Ednor, Encourage, English, Faith, Father, Grace, Holy, Holy Spirit, Hope, International, Jesus,

Joy, Kids, Love, Marriage, Maryland, Men, Mercy, Multicultural, Nationalities, New Testament,

Old Testament, Outreach, Peace, Pentecostal, Prayer, Preach, Preacher, Preaching, Retreat, Service,

Silver Spring, Spirit, Victory, Women, Worship, Worshiper, Worshiping, Youth



If you are unable to attend church and cannot access the internet, you may give by mailing to:

PO Box 156

Ashton, MD 20861



With your Time Talents and Tithes

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