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The Power Of Prayer

R a i s i n g  Y o u r  S p i r i t u a l  T e m p e r a t u r e

Do YOU want to raise YOUR spiritual temperature? Do you know how? Do you know why you should? 


Well, as Christians we should try to keep growing in our faith and developing into “mature Christians”. In order to grow and mature it is important to exercise the muscles of our faith. Just as you would exercise and lift weights to tone and build your muscles and to enhance your physical health, you would similarly exercise the muscles of faith.


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Read. Study. Pray. Worship. Serve. Disciple. Mentor.
Regularly doing these things will take us from lukewarm to a simmer to a rolling boil. What a blessing it would be if our pot boiled over! Let us make the commitment to be on fire for God. Let us also aim to guide others to find their fire for God. It only takes a spark to start a fire and once started it will continue to burn and spread if it is fed. We must try to avoid the water that the world will try to pour on our fire to put it out. Let us wear our umbrellas of faith and keep exercising as we push towards the highest temperature possible.

HOPE Prayer Line: Every Tuesday at 7PM. 1-515-604-9099, Access Code: 808189

Please Note we will be starting again February 4, 2020

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